Saturday, January 3, 2009

A list of things to do

See? Toldja it was hard to commit to something like this on a regular basis. At least it is for me. BUT, I'm gonna work on that this year. Which brings me to...the inevitable...what am I going to do about this entire year that's sprawled out in front of me like a wide stretch of endless pasture? Well, a few things:

~the job is in question
~publish that book of poetry
~learn Spanish
~practice piano and guitar
~travel to Europe
~pick myself up after these past tumultuous months

Even as I write that list, it just seems like a list of things to do or be or learn or add to my life experiences, which is oh-right by me. But the thing I'd like to focus most on is being better at being me. Being more present in my own life, living every moment to the fullest. And yet, I think that one's been on my resolution list a few times. This time seems different though because I have this feeling like I'm about to take flight.

I met someone who shook up my entire existence with brief yet poignent encounters. This person lives like that: every moment is so alive; every new person met quickly becomes an old friend; the world just seems to open up for this person. And it affected me. Provoked me. Helped me.

Certain people are so meant to be in your life...

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